CourseGround School LengthApprox Flight Time
(per pilot)
AW109 Initial New4 days6 hours
AW109 Advanced Recurrent New2 days3 hours
AS350 Advanced Recurrent1 Day1.5 hours
AS350B3 2B Initial 3 Days 3 hours
AS350B3 2B Advanced Recurrent 1 Day 1.8 hours
AS350B3 2B1 Initial 3 Days 3 hours
AS350B3 2B1 Advanced Recurrent 1 Day 1.5 hours
AS350B3e / H125 Initial 3 Days 3 hours
AS350B3e / H125 Advanced Recurrent 1 Day 1.5 hours
AS350 to B3 Diff1 Day1.5 hour
AS350FX Initial3 Days3 hours
AS350FX Advanced Recurrent1 Day1.5 hours
AS350 to FX Diff1 Day1.5 hour
AS350SD Initial3 Days3 hours
AS350SD Advanced Recurrent1 Day1.5 hour
AS350 to SD Diff1 Day1.5 hour
AS355F Models Initial3 Days3 hours
AS355F Models Rec1 Day1.5 hour
AS355N/NP Initial3 Days3 hours
AS355N/NP Advanced Recurrent1 Days1.7 hours
BO105 Initial3 Days3 hours
BO105 Advanced Recurrent1 Day1.5 hour
EC120 Initial3 Days4.5 hours
EC120 Advanced Recurrent1 Day1.5 hour
EC130T2 Initial3.5 Days3 hours
EC130T2 Advanced Recurrent1 Day1.5 hour
EC130B4 Initial3 Days3 hours
EC130B4 Advanced Recurrent1 Day1 hour
EC135 Initial6 Days6 hours
EC135 Advanced Recurrent1 Day2 hours

Flight time may be extended at customers request.