Hydraulic Failure

A hydraulic failure can be either a very simple maneuver or an extremely difficult one to deal with in a Eurocopter product, dependent upon the training the pilot acquires. There are an array of examples of unsuccessful outcomes after hydraulic failures and many more of successful landings. The situation then begs the question "why is it that so many pilots have had no problem landing the helicopter after a hydraulic failure and others result in a tragic event?"

For an overwhelming majority of these accidents the pilot was not properly trained or current in the landing segment of the maneuver. With proper training on the hydraulic system and the emergency procedures associated with it a hydraulic failure is a very manageable maneuver.

Because of the many misunderstandings of the system, EuroSafety goes into a great amount of depth when covering the hydraulic system. The ground school, through system and accident review, provides the pilot with a thorough understanding of the system. The hydraulic emergency flight training exposes the pilot to the failure in various segments of flight in order to provide confidence in performing the maneuver. All hydraulic failure maneuvers are flown to the ground to a complete stop.