iSafety App

"Constant repetition yields subconscious reactions."

EuroSafety's iSafety App is ESI’s latest effort in their goal to improve airframe knowledge and safety in the helicopter community. The iSafety App is designed to provide a method to review caution panel emergency procedures from various aircraft. The current version of the app contains the caution panel procedures for the AS350B2, AS350B3 2B, AS350B3 2B1 Dual Hydraulic, AS355F2, AS355N, EC120 and the EC130B4. In upcoming updates more models will be added.

This training tool has three different modes. The user can start with the caution panel without any lights illuminated, with all the light illuminated and the training mode which illuminates a random light. After which the emergency procedure can be selected and reviewed.

What's New In Version 1.6.1

  • Corrected PITOT instructions for the AS350B3 2B1 Dual Hydraulic, EC120 and EC130B4.

What's New In Version 1.1
New Features:

  • EC120B Caution Panel and Procedures Added
  • All new high-resolution graphics for Retina Display
  • Now takes full advantage of multi-tasking features in iOS4

  • Button Bar icons appear properly on all devices
  • Now fully functional in iOS 3
  • Faster loading