Many Eurocopter models are equipped with a Vehicle Engine Multifunction Display or also known as the VEMD. This parameter display LCD unit provides a method of displaying engine and airframe information to the pilot. It has a proven track record and since the unit is very similar in various Eurocopter models it provides for transference when transitioning between the airframes.

As with any tool, its usefulness is predicated on our ability to operate it. If we are unable to understand the information that is presented to us by the display, that information is worthless. If we are unable to find information within a display, we are not receiving all the information that is available. If the device is not operating properly, or has a failure within it, the distraction can cause an unsafe situation within the cockpit.

EuroSafety ground and flight training provide for a complete knowledge on the use and potential failures associated with the VEMD. This includes screen displays, configure page, maintenance pages, power check pages and screen failures.