Train in Los Angeles with our Equipment

No Aircraft Downtime, Weather-Friendly Location


  • Ground school for any specific variant of the AS350
  • Flight Maneuvers conducted in an AS350B2
  • Cost Containment
  • Same fee for 1-3 pilots, small add-on for additional students
  • No downtown time for your aircraft
  • Complete initial training prior to aircraft delivery
  • Avoid costly delays when weather or mechanical issues prevent on-location training

EuroSafety International has teamed up with Western Aviation to provide our clients the means to get their training at a dedicated facility and with our aircraft. Your flight personnel will arrive at our high-quality classroom environment to begin ground instruction. They need only bring an attitude ready for learning as all materials will be waiting for them.

Once ground school is completed, we will utilize one or more of our AS350B2 aircraft to conduct start and shut down procedures, normal maneuvers, power checks, full touchdown autorotations, stuck pedals to the ground and hydraulic failures.

Training Events at our facility are scheduled in advance and sold differently than our on-location training. We charge a standard base price for the course and includes 1-3 students. Additional students can be added at a reduced rate. Flight time is charged at a simple per-hour rate. Please contact us for additional information.

If you would prefer us to come to your location, click here for more details.

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