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Training Services


Our initial airframe training courses will provide the pilot with all of the knowledge and skills necessary to operate at the highest level.

Advanced Recurrent

Our advanced recurrent airframe courses provide the pilot the ability to review essential aircraft information and gain the skills necessary to continue to operate the helicopter at the safest level.


Our airframe differences courses provide the information and skills needed when a pilot transitions to a similar airframe.

On-location Training with your Equipment

With on-location training, we bring our instructor and courseware to you. You get the benefit of reduced time and costs associated with sending your team to another location as well as the benefits of getting flight training with the actual aircraft your pilots will operate.

Train in Los Angeles with our Equipment

For clients who prefer to not use their own equipment, we can provide a training location and equipment in the Los Angeles, CA area. You'll pay a base rate for the course and an hourly rate for the flight time required.

Training Features

Interactive Ground School

Our ground school uses the best technology available to cover subjects including aircraft systems, the rotorcraft flight manual, limitations, emergency procedures, accident reviews and pre-flight inspection.

Full-down Emergency Training

We perform all full-down maneuvers to the runway enviroment. This dramatically increases safety during the training event and reduces wear on the airframe by allowing the flexibility of the crosstubes to absorb the landing forces as opposed to the airframe.

Exceptional Flight Staff

Our team of instructors and staff are the top in the industry for a reason: we train constantly. Year round. Worldwide. When we arrive, you get more than just a first-level instructor; you get the knowledge and experience of pilots with thousands of in-airframe hours.